Sign into Protobi

It's simple to sign in to Protobi. Your Protobi account is automatically created when you first sign in.

Your account is identified by your email address. We use your email address to identify you, identify your assigned projects, and to contact you. That's all. We don't tweet about you, post to your wall, or expose you to Google search.

Sign in by email

Enter your email address and you will receive an email with a one-time sign-in link. Press on that link (or copy it to your browser) and you will be signed in for one week or until you sign out.

It's like "Forgot My Password" but better, since you never need to remember one.

Sign in with Google or LinkedIn

Use on-click sign in with Google or LinkedIn. Sign-in with Google works for GMail and Google Apps for Business email addresses. Sign-in with LinkedIn uses your primary LinkedIn address. They authenticate you and verify your email address to us.

Security is hard. Big companies like Google and LinkedIn have invested a lot of time and money securing your details. They created OpenID.

OpenID lets us know you are you without us ever seeing your password. It works on thousands of websites. It’s an open standard.

We see only your email address and name. Not your documents, contacts, or other private data.

Sign in with your organization

For enterprise projects, you can sign in directly with one click. Our university clients use CAS. Our corporate clients use OAuth. Contact your project team for details.

Why no password option?

Passwords are typically either too weak to be secure, or to strong to remember. Signing in with email, OpenId or OAuth helps us keep your data secure.